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Differential thickness


  The differential pressure and material level detection system is a part of the control of the direct-blown steel ball mill. It applies the principle of depth probe measurement to the container with pressure changes and is developed to measure the thickness of the material with the differential pressure value.

  The system consists of three major parts and twelve subsystems:

   1. Measurement part: PID control constant pressure source loop, constant current source loop, backflow prevention loop, and running state self-checking subsystem.
   2. Cleaning part: cleaning the control circuit, cleaning the main circuit, cleaning the back pressure subsystem, cleaning the pressure measurement subsystem.
   3. Control part: microcomputer (PLC) intelligent software control system, human-machine conversation (HMI) system, differential pressure level signal output subsystem, fault alarm output subsystem.

   Nantong Nantong Lubrication Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed three generations of products, applied for and obtained 1 national invention patent (Patent No.: ZL200710019779.1). "YCCH Rotary Vessel Intelligent Differential Pressure Thickness Measurement System" won the title of "High-tech Product of Jiangsu Province" in 2007.